The Hole in the Center of the Vision

In the two previous posts, the brain is identified as having the extraordinary capacity to find organization within what at first seems chaotic (as when a baby must organize its perceptions of the world around it).  However, sometimes it can go too far: it can attempt to find order where there is none (as with background sound), and it can “see” things that aren’t the way they are (as with the colors).  On the other hand, there are times where the brain is helpless (again, using color, if it can’t see it, activities such as color-coordination are useless).

There are times also when there is a blind-spot.  A person with macular degeneration can be extremely frustrated, because the central area of the vision – the macula of the retina – is where the sight loss occurs.  Since half of the visual cortex is dedicated to this area of the eye, this identifies how important the macula is.  Although the peripheral sight does remain, the most important center of vision does not exist – there is a hole in the main part of the picture.  How frustrating it can be simply to try to see a face or to attempt to read something when only the peripheral vision must be relied on.

Imagine a person who never had a functioning macula attempting to describe the world around him/herself to a person blind from birth.  That would be a double disadvantage.  On one hand some of the explanation depends on words defined by experiences that the other person doesn’t have.  An example would be to describe color to such a blind person – how do you describe the difference between blue, red and yellow?  The other disadvantage is that the first person would have trouble describing what he himself could not see clearly to begin with.  Details, some perhaps significant, would be omitted or would be inaccurately explained.

Spiritually these are the problems we humans face.  We have a condition that gives us a blind spot when it comes to God.  I hesitate to use the word “sin,” not because it is inappropriate, but because it has been used so very inaccurately.  I remember a cookbook that was entitled, Sinfully Delicious Cakes, Cookies and Pies.  There is the concept that if something is enjoyable and you like it, then it probably is sinful.  Ask most people what sin is and they will describe it as an error, a mistake or some such thing.  The problem is that I make a lot of errors when I type (I can type up to 54 mistakes a minute…) – so are they “sin”?  Well, no… Then what is sin?  It’s like trying to describe something seen only from the peripheral vision.

So what you are waiting for, feel free to contact friendly support if you want to buy sex related medication or products like , Condoms does not need to feel embarrassed like they do when taken correctly as per the recommended guidelines. A return to normal routine generally is feasible within a day by a person. it is highly recommended that such a medicine be taken at least an hour before commencing any sexual activity, so that the sildenafil has enough time to take its course in the body of females. Minors or children can order drugs and substances without adult supervision, people buy medicines marked as harmful by physicians. The active ingredient of Kamagra is Sildenafil Citrate which will help in the normal blood flow to the penile area of men. The basis of sin, simply, is rebellion.  It is Adam and Eve knowing what the only rule is that is laid upon them, and yet, because in their peripheral vision they think they see advantages that God never offered them, they refuse to follow to the command.  Then, what had seemed to be such an advantage now becomes a curse for them, and the comfortable fellowship they once had with Jehovah now is utterly destroyed.  The center of their vision is destroyed – they no longer can see the face of God.

Now depending entirely on the spiritual peripheral vision, the brain of the human tries to construct meaning out of what it sees.  But it is generally without the face of God, or it is with a blurred idea of what God is about.  The brain is very good at constructing meaning from the information it receives, but when that important central vision is missing, then everything else too easily misses the complete picture.  There is a blurring, there is a false construction (as mentioned in a previous blog, in regard to sound), there is a construction that can simply be in error (as mentioned in a previous blog, when a wrong color is imposed upon an object), as well as other problems.

This is the problem between Godly astrology and “corrupted” astrology.  Godly astrology has Jehovah in the center of its message – Godly astrology is not about us, but is rather as Johannes Kepler, the astronomer, once remarked, “Science is thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”  Godly astrology is to discover His footprints across His creation and to find revealed His deeds as He has also described them in His Word.  “Corrupted” astrology focuses on us, on the periphery, and tries to fill the hole in the full picture with lives basically as manipulated by cosmic forces, with only a fuzzy God perhaps involved.  Godly astrology reminds us of how God personally reaches down interactively into our lives and world in order to save; “corrupted” astrology, so dependent on a mechanized influence, has very little room for Jehovah to dramatically say, “Behold, I will do a new thing” [Isaiah 43:19].

It is only with the Word of God, as written and as fleshed out in Jesus, in which that hole in the center of our spiritual vision can become filled in with the God that is really there, in order to provide the full and complete picture of what God, the universe, and us are about.

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