The Blood Moon

“The Blood Moon” (or “The Hunter’s Moon”) is the first full moon following “The Harvest Moon,” probably in reference to the Blood of the hunt as meat stores are stocked up for winter.  However, the term is also used for an eclipse because of what happens to light as it bends around the edge of the earth.

We are very familiar with shadows: they are the dark spots that are created when something is in the way of a light source.  The farther into the shadow one goes, the darker – blacker – the light, or rather the lack of light, becomes.  So when the Moon enters the shadow of the Earth, one would expect it to become grayer and finally black, so that it should become hard to distinguish against the blackness of space.  Yet it doesn’t happen that way.  The Moon becomes red.

The atmosphere and the earth work together to bend the light from the Sun similar to a prism.  The long red wavelength is the most susceptible and bends into the center of the earth’s umbra (shadow).  The Moon is at the right distance so that it gets the full effect of these bent wavelengths.  Therefore, as the Moon goes deeper into the umbra, the more “Blood red” it gets, hence the nickname, “the Blood Moon.”  On June 15, 2011, there was such an example of this phenomena as noted in “There’s a blood moon on the rise”, “June 15, 2011 Blood moon over Jerusalem” among other items about this eclipse.

There are two eclipses of note in regard to Creation’s Ballet.  The first occurs after the visit of the Magi.  What they refer to as “His Star” is likely Jupiter, and, as the Ballet continues beyond the significant series of five conjunctions in the constellation Leo, this planet continues on and enters Virgo, there to have a third conjunction with Venus.  Accented by what has just previously occurred in Leo, this conjunction likely is perceived to be the sign in Virgo prophesied by Zoroastrianism (the religion of the Magi).  Jupiter continues on for two more months until it stops “and stands” [Matthew 2:9] – on December 25, 2 BC.

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Also imagine what would happen if these officials of the Persian empire found out that Herod has killed the One Whom they have travelled 1800 miles (2800 km) round-trip to honor.  It is not likely he would risk Persian wrath coming back with vengeance on its mind.  So he waits, waits for them to be well on their return journey, for them to be out of the territory.  16 days later, on January 10, 1 BC, a full eclipse Blood Moon occurs – as the massacre of the innocents (the children two years and under) is taking place, and as “Rachel [is] weeping for her children” [Matthew 2:18].

33 years later, the One born King of the Jews hangs on a cross.  From the hours of noon to 3 PM, there is an extraordinary darkness as the Sun is eclipsed, but this eclipse cannot be from the Moon, which is on the opposite side of the earth.  The Centurion and his men come to break the legs of those who were crucified, only to find the lifeless Jesus.  Joseph of Arimathea approaches Pilate for the body of Jesus and is given release to take it.  As the body is taken from the cross, hastily prepared and quickly placed into the tomb before the 8 PM sundown which begins the Sabbath, the Moon is experiencing a Blood eclipse (although not total) between the hours of 5 and 8:30 PM, reflecting Simeon’s prophecy to Mary, “yes, a sword will pierce through your own soul also” [Luke 2:35]

Blood Moons occur often (although not always visible where the observer is), but during these key times in Jesus’ life, what is visible in Jerusalem are times when there is a sorrow that echoes in the heavens.

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