The Age of Aquarius and the Future

We have taken a glimpse of the past and the present as represented in the Ages of the Zodiac (or Hebrew Mazzaroth), now we take a glimpse of the coming Age.  How familiar we are with the musical Hair’s glorying in the “Age of Aquarius,” because it seems that it will right so many wrongs with our world.  It is the “Age” of hope, wishes, brotherhood, humanitarianism, and so forth.

But then the wonderful picture becomes a bit more sour.  “Progress” isn’t always progress – sophistication may increase, but at what expense?  This “Age” is supposed to rule the public or mass consciousness “which does not reason, but responds to life through emotions. … The negative qualities of Aquarius include unpredictability, thoughtlessness, detachment, fanaticism and disorganization” [astrologer Dieter Koch].  If we are to depend on modern, corrupted astrology as the source of our future, we are indeed in a lot of trouble.

The constellation and its Age must rather be considered in light of the Bible.  The constellation is represented as “the Water-Bearer,” often as that the water is being poured out.  Perhaps to unravel its secret we must  first consider what the water is all about.  For that, we begin by turning to a most unique sacrifice in the Old Testament, in Numbers 19: the ashes of the Red Heifer.

To begin, note that the word “red” in the Hebrew is derived from the word for “Blood,” which has a significant place in the concept of Covenant.  It is the substance that is the Life of an organism:

You shall not eat flesh with its Life [Soul], that is, its Blood.  [Genesis 9:4]

The Blood is the Life [Soul] – you shall not eat the Life [Soul] with the flesh.  [Deuteronomy 12:23]

It is in the joining of the Bloods, the joining of the Life/Soul that makes Covenant happen.
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However, when one has been contaminated by death, Life/Soul has to be restored, hence the Red Heifer Sacrifice.  It is the only sacrifice slaughtered outside the camp, and it is to be entirely consumed by fire – even its Blood.  Its ashes are then mixed with ‘Living Water” and sprinkled on those who had touched death.

This is the first usage of the rather surprising term, “Living Water,” which may indeed refer to a flowing stream, as per Genesis 26:19 and Song of Solomon 4:15.  Still, it would seem odd to use “Living,” especially when other words could be used.  However, the concept really kicks into high gear when Jehovah describes Himself as “the Fountain of Living Waters” [Jeremiah 2:13; 17:13] and in Zechariah [14:8] the end time would be characterized by “Living Waters shall go out from Jerusalem.”  “Living Waters” mixed with the Sacrifice of the Red Heifer’s ashes provided the antidote for the “Living Soul” against death.

Jesus proclaimed: “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his innermost being will flow rivers of Living Water (He spoke concerning the Spirit…)” [John 7:38-39]. One of the main characteristics of Revelation’s New Jerusalem is the “pure river of the Water of Life (or Living Water)” [22:1]

One of the traditions of the constellations is that Pisces the Fish swims in the waters of Aquarius, which if it is indeed “the Living Water” would be a fitting concept, especially when one considers how Aries, Pisces and Aquarius are then joined into one continuous concept: the forefeet of Aries the (sacrificial) Ram/Lamb are upon the bond that links the two natures of Pisces, Who swims in the midst of the Living Water of Aquarius.  Since both the Lamb and Pisces represent Jesus, Aquarius would then also represent Him, and the “Age” in which He pours out “the Living Water” would conceivably be heaven, or His “thousand year reign,” or however one might interpret the picture of this constellation. It is the only way that the glowing hope of “the Age of Aquarius” can happen.

We have to stop here in the path of the Zodiac – we cannot go any farther, since the Bible does not give us warrant to do so.  It leaves half the Zodiac untouched, but that half has a different role to play.

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