Stars and “Magic Eye” Pictures

When a baby is born, it cannot see – or rather it can see, but cannot recognize anything.  The brain has the crucial task of trying to make sense out of the messages that the eye is sending to it.  Gradually, what starts as splotches of color and light and dark begins to be organized, and in a few weeks the brain begins to determine shapes and differences in colors, it begins to recognize faces and people and objects in its environment.

It seems that “Magic Eye” pictures calls upon the same capacity of the brain to find organization in what it sees.  These are the pictures that as one stares at them long enough, suddenly the brain switches in how it processes the information and one sees a three-dimensional image within the picture.

However, I discovered a different side to this capacity some time ago.  Throughout my life, often when some sort of machinery, like a fan, was making a slightly above-audible sound or “white noise,” I would think I heard what almost sounded like a voice or even a snatch of music, nothing distinguishable, mind you, but just could be.  I thought that maybe the RPM of the motor was such that it was syncing with the frequency of a radio station just enough to allow some of the signal to “leak through.”  Finally I realized that what was happening was the “Magic Eye” phenomena, but with my hearing.  My brain was taking the sounds it was hearing and attempting to make order out of them.  Once I finally realized that this was what I was experiencing and my brain understood what it was actually hearing, I don’t experience the phenomena pretty much any more, and when the brain does slip back into that mode, I can quickly get things straightened out again.

Not quite the same, but in a similar vein, I have a colorblindness.  If the light is good, I can see the centers of the color spectrum.  I know what blue is, or green, or red, or brown.  But if the light is not good, or the colors are very light or very dark, I cannot trust what I see.   That’s because the brain takes the visual messages and applies what color it thinks should be there.  As an example, once when I was following my father in heavy New York traffic, my wife asked how I could follow him.  I stated that I was simply following the light green station wagon that was my father’s.   She chuckled and said, “It’s tan.”  When I do find out the proper color of something, sometimes my brain will begin to see it properly, yet there are times when even then it does not flip to that color.  Having grown up in a black-and-white television age, I jokingly talk about how I had color TV before anyone else had, because of the way my brain handled light and dark gray.
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The point of these examples is that our brains are constantly thirsting to make order out of the stimulus that is given to it.  Sometimes it comes to the conclusions appropriate for what it receives, but sometimes it finds things that are not there, sometimes it just gets it wrong.  When it comes to colors, I consider my wife and my kids to be greater authorities to what is there than I am.  There are often times when I must go to them and ask, “what do you see?”  If I ask the same question of my older brother, who knows what we will come up with, since we both have the same problem with colors.

I was talking recently to a person about “the Ballet of the Sky” for Jesus’ birth, and it turned out this person was heavily into modern astrology.  With the zodiac, there were points made in regard to the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire, and how these related to the signs.  I got the definite feeling that my book Creation’s Ballet for Jesus will appear to such a versed person as a novice’s attempt, by one who really doesn’t know that much about astrology.  That conclusion would be correct.  I don’t know that much, and all I care to know is how the Bible informs the meaning of “all that jumping around up on stage.”  It is like whether I should ask my brother or my wife in regard to a color, I’ll stick to what I know is the reliable source.

es, humans may search out some kind of perceived order in regard to the stars, because that is what humans do.  But like with the attempt at finding order in the white noise, the mind may not realize when it is barking up the wrong tree, or with the colors, it doesn’t always know that what it thinks it sees is quite wrong – even after it has been “corrected.”  After years of casting horoscopes, Kepler came to the conclusion that the stars have no real effect on the human.  Since that is true, then the stars have been put there and organized into constellations for a different reason.  What is to be seen are the footprints of what God does, not the dictates for a human’s life.  The only way then to look at them is not according what the human brain has determined is the order in what it sees, but to look at the reliable source, God’s Word, because the story, even in the sky, is ultimately about God, not us.

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