Imagine two streams of events that after 1500 or so years coincide with unbelievable precision just when Jesus is born.  The closest example of this that I can think of is the car assembly plant.  A certain make and model’s windshield which had been manufactured elsewhere is placed in sequence among a line of windshields.  The hood, fenders and left and right doors, all having a certain color are placed in sequence in their respective lines.  The engine, transmission, seats and other parts are all in their lines.  As a certain car body makes its way through the assembly line, the required item is right at hand to be installed before the car body proceeds to the next station.  The accuracy can be fascinating.

At the creation of the universe, galaxies, stars and planets were all placed into their sequences.  For millennia they followed the path laid out for them.  Constellations were identified, not because the stars in that region of the sky necessarily looked like what the constellation was labeled, but instead the identity was superimposed upon that grouping.  Orion isn’t bad to imagine, but how does one get the Great Bear out of the stars of the Big Dipper?  And Cancer, which doesn’t even have any notably bright stars in its territory, a constellation that some feel was arbitrarily given a label simply because it was in the Sun’s yearly path through the stars, how does one have a clue as to whether the crab is standing on its head or not?

Yet the regions of the sky were all mapped out, and most of the figures we know now were already identified at least 500 years before Jesus was born.  Even then there is the sense that the figures that made up these constellations were recorded at that time, but they were not determined and originally marked out at that time.  The previous post identifies three authors who came to believe that the constellations go back to the dawn of humanity and that Seth, the son of Adam, or one of his descendents mapped out in the sky God’s prophecies concerning the redemption of the world.  They make some significant points.

Then, some 1400-1500 years before Jesus, God commanded Moses and Israel to observe certain festivals each year, particularly the Festival of the Trumpets (Rosh HaShanah – the “New Year”), Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement), Sukkoth (the Festival of Booths), Pentecost (the harvest festival), and Passover.  In time the mini-Lent “Ten Days of Repentance,” Purim and other celebrations were added.

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Then, with the precision of the auto assembly plant worker who turns to find the required car part at hand for the car body in front of him, these two streams of events coincided: in 3-2 BC, a series of high profile conjunctions occurred, and they happened precisely either on the dates of significant festivals, or in the middle of a group of such festivals.

Then, counting from the beginning of the sequence to the second to last conjunction in the series, the number of days is the length of time for human gestation with a kicker: not only are the 266 days accounted for, but also an additional three days – the days of the egg being formed before it is released from the ovary.  Since this is a virgin birth, therefore as the egg is formed, it does not separate into half the chromosomal count as usual, but keeps the total together.  However, just as when God made Eve from the rib of Adam, and therefore had to change the male “Y” chromosome to the female “X,” here He changes one of the “X” chromosomes back to a “Y” and the male Jesus begins His existence 269 days before His birth, represented exactly from the first conjunction to the second to the last in the series.  From the second last to the last conjunction is exactly 40 days – the time of purification God had commanded of a woman giving birth to a male child, 1400 plus years earlier – the time of Mary’s purification after which Jesus would be presented to the Father in the Temple [Luke 2:22].

This merely is an introduction to the extraordinary precision that is to be found when the streams of the stars following their ancient patterns, and of the commands God had given Moses and Israel, meet over the little town of Bethlehem.

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