Ages in the Past

St Paul speaks of the “Ages” of the past in the plural.  That would indicate that the era of Israel is not the only one that he is referring to.  Looking at the Bible, one might count the time of the Flood, of Adam and Eve’s fall, and of Creation as possibly three more.  Would these be represented in the Zodiac/Mazzaroth?  Well…, there are three interesting constellations…

Let’s start with the constellation for Creation.  The third constellation from Aries is Cancer, the Crab.  Actually, at least visually, this is an uninteresting piece of sky.  It has no particularly bright stars and it has no identifiable shape in it (like “the Big Dipper” or Orion and his belt).  Some have commented that this space in the sky has been arbitrarily assigned an object merely because it is in the path of the Sun’s yearly journey.  Yet the constellation is very ancient and is associated with water.

In Egyptian astrology it is represented by two turtles known as the “Stars of the Water, and is the ruler of “the Fourth House,” known as the “’Womb of Eternity,’ where all things come into being and pass out of being at the appointed time”: “the House of Genesis and also of Nemesis.” [quoted from my book Creation’s Ballet for Jesus]

The constellation has “nothing” (seemingly) in it, yet it is “the House of Genesis”; it is associated with water, “the Womb of Eternity,” where one might find a representation of Genesis 1:6, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters” – like turtles rising out of the water.  It does seem that the connection to a Genesis 1 motif is strong.

Gemini the Twins or the Couple comes next: “In Hindu mythology, Yama and his twin sister Yami, later his wife, are the first couple to inhabit the earth; Yama is the first man, who dies and is the lord of the underworld, while Yami is the goddess of death” [quoted from my book Creation’s Ballet for Jesus].  It is surprising how accurate this description is.  Jehovah takes the rib from the man to make into Eve – genetically they are identical except that the masculine “Y” chromosome is changed into the female “X” chromosome.  In essence they are indeed “twins,” yet also husband and wife.  Eve, as the one who opens the door to sin, is the “goddess” of death, while, as St Paul put it, “through one man [Adam] sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men” [Romans 5:12].

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Biblically the next era is Noah’s Flood and the next constellation is Taurus, the bull.  The Hebrew Mazzaroth considered this constellation as its beginning, which wouldn’t be that much of a stretch, since creation begins a fresh start with Noah.  After the Flood, it is  also obvious that true salvation would require even more than merely a housecleaning, since the tower of Babel demonstrated that rebellion still lay at the foundation of human nature.  The Hebrew word for “bull” comes from parar, which means “to break, frustrate, invalidate” in the sense of violating or reneging on truth and Covenant (in 23 out of the 53 times parar is used, Covenant is “broken”), which may be why the bull is a main sin offering.  It is also the time of the Minoan civilization with its emphasis on the bull.

The difficulty with these “Ages” Biblically is that they would be far shorter time spans than the 2100 or so years they are today.  As mentioned in the previous blog, who can say what may have influenced the axis of the earth as to whether its journey through the Zodiac was made quicker.  Also the time in Cancer really doesn’t have to take the full “age” length since Jehovah’s act of creation would not require a long span of time.

As we look at God’s Word and then at the sky, indeed, the heavens may be a sort of “Poor Man’s Bible” as mentioned in an earlier blog.

(more on the “ages” in the next posts)

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