February 2012

Evolution’s Great Ages – Making Them Work

As identified in the last post, it is such a remarkable thing that the long ages, which even now are still virtually unchallenged, were established long before there could be any real scientific ability to verify them.  Their beginnings came long before radioactivity had entered the picture, long before Mendel’s ground-breaking work on genetics was

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The Great Ages – Of Evolution

Throughout the previous blogs, evolution was identified as ultimately declaring that we are nothing, having no worth, and ultimately no future.  How arrogant of us to think that we have a special and important role within the incomprehensible vastness of the universe.  How foolish to think that the stars and planets were hung so that

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Death and Covenant

In keeping with that death is a negative concept and just does not belong within the “and it was very good” assessment Jehovah makes in Genesis 1:31, and continuing the thought from the last post, this blog identifies death as brokenness with God especially in regard to Covenant.  Previously it was shown how synonymous are

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Death and Respect for the Soul

Jehovah God formed the man from the dust of the ground, and blew into his nostrils the breath of Life; and the man became a living soul.    [Genesis 2:7] Sometimes translators will use different words to describe a certain word in the Biblical Hebrew or Greek.  In so doing, they may capture a nuance

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The Dynamic of Love in Creation

If death is built into God’s creative act in Genesis 1, then it would have to fall under His pronouncement of “it was very good.”  Death is described as the result and judgment of sin, yet when God describes His Glory as His steadfast love, grace, mercy and justice, it appears as an apparent contradiction

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Death and Science

Usually the couplet is “death and taxes,” but for the moment we consider the relationship between death and science, or rather between death and the common philosophical interpretation of science, evolution, especially when Christians attempt a hybrid between evolution and God called “theistic evolution.” Death presents a basic difficulty.  What is death?  Is that not

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Love vs. the “Fittest”

Sometimes Christians attempt a hybrid between evolution and God (that is, “theistic evolution”) as a way to explain the origins of life on the earth; however there is a contradiction between the basic “mechanisms” (if you will) of the two: On the one hand, God is described by John (I,4:8-10) as: He who does not love

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