October 2011

The Stars and the Israelite/Jewish Festivals

Notable in the precision of the Ballet of the heavens is the coordination of the various conjunctions to the Israelite/Jewish festival year.   All the special days commanded by Jehovah of His People are accounted for.  This in itself is fascinating, because if the conjunctions were a month or a half year earlier or later, then […]

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The “Poor Man’s Bible”

I have been told that the art of mime/clown was developed in the middle ages in the Church.  The mime’s face started with the base of white, which represented death, but then it would be overlaid with color, which symbolized the resurrection.  During the sermon, the mime would come out and be the audio-visual for

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Covenant: God, Abraham and Baptism

It is fascinating how some theologians seem to think that God became discouraged from pledging Himself so totally to humanity, that now in the New Covenant He is more reluctant to bind Himself to people unless they somehow first “prove” themselves.  They maintain that a person must first meet certain requirements, for instance, have a

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The New Name for Covenant

Covenant is God’s earnest desire to become intimate with humanity, to join Himself to humans.  With Abraham, we have seen God commit Himself totally, to the death if He should break Covenant, fourteen years before Abraham is called upon to reciprocate through Circumcision.  With Jonathan and David, we discover that the foundation of Covenant is

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