In this Universe God is generally invisible, except for very rare occasions.

This is on purpose!!

When Creation looks for Him, where then is He to be seen? How is God to be made visible to Creation? And who are we?

Perhaps more felt than spoken, ultimate questions nag in the background of our lives.


Ultimate Questions

Who Am I?

Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Not There?

Why Am I Not All There?

This website is dedicated to an on-going discovery of the wonder of what God has been doing and is doing in this Creation and especially among us. (And yes, the last two questions are serious!)

A comic strip once depicted a person who climbed to the top of a mountain where a guru lived and asked, "Tell me the meaning of life in just enough words for a bumper sticker." A second favorite story is about a church workers' conference where the speaker at the podium shuffled his papers, murmuring to himself out loud, "Where to start … where to start …" A voice came from the back of the room, "As close to the end as possible!"

This website with its blog will certainly not be "in only enough words to fit a bumper sticker" and may not begin "as close to the end as possible." However, "Ultimate Questions" – and others – are investigated with the serious intent to understand the relationship between the Creator, humanity and the Universe.

There is so much to be covered, that one could probably write books on the various subjects … come to think about it, I guess I have doing just that. Of course, the tired ol' Preacher does warn "Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh" [Ecclesiastes 12:12] – but he unquestionably would not be referring to my books… It is my sincere hope, though, that the material which is covered will prove both interesting and useful in their own staid way – oh, did that slip out? I guess you will have to decide for yourself.